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Open Source Material

Quadratrix is currently porting Open Source material to the OpenVMS platform.
Plans are to support all three architectures VAX, Alpha and Integrity.
At the present, engineers at Quadratrix have successfully ported a number of applications and libraries.
All libraries and applications mentioned hereafter have been compiled and linked on OpenVMS VAX V7.2, OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1, and OpenVMS I64 V8.2, unless stated otherwise.
For every application or library are listed:

To build an application or library, the original tarball has to be downloaded and unpacked (using Gnu Zip, VMSTAR, Unzip). Thereafter, the patches provided should be applied. For applications or libraries with dependencies, the QPORT.COM file may need modifications as to tell it where to find these dependencies.
Should BACKUP complain about any of the savesets downloadable from this page, execute this command procedure to fix it.

An example of the build of the TIFF library, using the original tarball and the patches, can be found here.
An example of the build of the Mesa3D library, using the original tarballs and the patches, can be found here.

Since the Open Source community can be very active at times, some of the links provided can either be dead, or point to a newer version of the application/library. In the latter case, the build procedure and patches can serve as an example on how to port the newer version.

Package Name Version Description Where we found the tarball Dependencies Build Proc & Patches
ASHE (aka XHtml) 1.3 A Simple HTML Editor (still somewhat buggy) SfR Fresh LibCCI 1.1, LibHTMLw 2.7b5 here
ASclock 2.0.12 Afterstep/Windowmaker Clock Beat Christen & Patrick Rogan Xpm 3.5.8 here
BZip2 1.0.6 (De)compression utility   here
Calcoo 1.3.15 RPN and algebraic scientific calculator Calcoo @ SourceForge.Net GTK 1.2.10, 'The Jackets' A9 here
FFTW 3.3.3 Fastest Fourier Transform in the West   here
Flex 2.5.4a Fast Lexical analyzer Flex @ SourceForge.Net Yacc A2.3 here
FreeType 2.4.12 Font engine   here
GDChart+ 0.11.5q Library to create charts and graphs (enhanced) Bruce Verderaime GD 2.0.35, LibPNG 1.2.40, ZLib 1.2.3, Jpeg 7, FreeType 2.3.11, Xpm 3.5.7 here
GDChart 0.11.5dev Library to create charts and graphs Bruce Verderaime GD 2.0.35, LibPNG 1.2.40, ZLib 1.2.3, Jpeg 7, FreeType 2.3.11, Xpm 3.5.7 here
GD 2.0.35 Library for the dynamic creation of images (originally by Thomas Boutell) LibPNG 1.2.40, ZLib 1.2.3, Jpeg 7, FreeType 2.3.11, Xpm 3.5.7 here
GNU Calendar 3.6.3 The Gregorian calendar program MMK 4.1 or higher here
GNU Zip (beta) 1.4 (De)compression utility GZip source kits   here
GNU Zip 1.2.4 (De)compression utility   here
GNU libavl 2.0.3 Ben Pfaff's binary search tree and balanced tree library routines   here
GTK (GIMP Toolkit) 1.2.10 Multi-platform toolkit for graphical user interfaces (includes GLib 1.2) HP OpenVMS Open Source Tools 'The Jackets' A9 here
HTML Tidy 2005-10-26 Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy program and library (no version number, only date) Tidy @ SourceForge.Net   here
ICClib 2.14 International Color Consortium (ICC) Format profile I/O library Argyll CMS   here
Info-Zip's UnZip 6.0 Extraction utility for .zip archives Info-ZIP @ SourceForge.Net   here
Info-Zip's Zip 3.0 Compression and file packaging/archive utility   here
Jam 2.5 A software build tool from Perforce Software Inc. Free Software Directory   here
JasPer (aka Jpeg2000) 1.900.1 Implementation of the JPEG-2000 codec JasPer Home Page Jpeg 7 here
Jbig2dec 0.11 Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format Jbig2dec @ SourceForge.Net LibPNG 1.4.4, ZLib 1.2.5 here
JbigKit 2.0 Library for (de)compression of bi-level images Markus G. Kuhn   here
Jpeg 9 JPEG image (de)compression library Independent JPEG Group   here
LibCCI 1.1 NCSA Mosaic Common Client Interface BELNET   here
LibHTMLw 2.7b5 HTML Widget Library NCSA   here
LibNova 0.15.0 Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics library LibNova @ SourceForge.Net   here
LibPNG 1.6.3 Portable Network Graphics library ZLib 1.2.8 here
LibSPopC 0.13 A simple and light POP3 client library Benoît Rouits MMK 4.1 or higher here
Mesa3d 7.6 An implementation of the OpenGL API Mesa3d @ SourceForge.Net MMK 4.1 or higher here
NEdit 5.5 A Motif/X11 plain text editor NEdit @ SourceForge.Net Yacc A2.3 here
Samba 2.2.8 Suite providing services to SMB/CIFS clients Jean-Yves Collot   here
Smiley 4.0 Smileys explained DaviD W. Sanderson   here
Stardates 1.6.1 Convert between stardates and other calendars Federation Starship USS Augusta Ada NCC-55011   here
SunClock 3.56 A sophisticated clock for the X Window System Jean-Pierre Demailly LibPNG 1.2.40, ZLib 1.2.3, Jpeg 7, Xpm 3.5.8 here
TIFF 4.0.3 Library providing support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF) ZLib 1.2.8, Jpeg 9, JbigKit 2.0 here
XMoontool 3.0.3 X11/Motif version of John Walker's classical moontool LibNova 0.13.0 (optional) here
Xpm 3.5.10 XPixMap library X.Org Foundation   here
Yacc A2.3 Yet Another Compiler Compiler OpenVMS Freeware (at   here
ZLib 1.2.8 (De)compression library   here

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